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Awesome game.

Thank you :3

Nerf the bore guy

No, he's cool! :-)

i wanna know the soundtrack to this game cus this is SICK!


Glad you enjoyed it, thanks! It's original, made specifically for the game. We are going to publish it somewhere soon (YT, Bandcamp or Soundcloud).


Honestly, I'm surprised that it's pre-alpha.
Quality of execution is great and amount of content is decent.
Keep up the good work, guys. Looking forward for future updates and full release.)

Thank you! <3


Exactly what I was looking for 👍
very good game

Glad you found our game :) Hope you will enjoy future updates!

i like future updates 👀


me too 👀


I come back and play this one every now and again. It's just plain ol'fun!

The controls are tight, the physics are awesome, the action is explosive, and the replayability gets you going! 

There are still things being added and I can't wait for more content.

Keep it up!!


Awww thank you! There is more to come for sure! :)


Made a review

Love it! :3


Its one of those games you didn't know you needed, but you did indeed need :D

Thanks!!! Hopefully we will make vehicular combat genre a bit more popular :)


This game...this is awesome. Loved Vigilante 8 and Twisted Metal as a kid and this just scratches that itch that I've had for a long time. Developer, great job and I cannot stress enough how excited I am for future updates. The controls handle smoothly, car customization, not to mention the soundtrack and the retro feel it has to it.  So good! 

That's the exact itch we wanted to scratch. Thanks for covering our game!


Loving the game! For a pre-alpha this game is insanely fun. Can't wait for more of this awesomeness!

Thank you, loved your video!


TM2 was my first PSX game. I am here for this :)

Full Demo No Commentary 


Thanks for playing! Lovely intro :)


crossout with ps1 graphics

Is that good or bad? :D

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very good, now im addicted to it ,its like C R A C K

thats good :]

Glad to hear it, hope you will enjoy future updates! :3


any idea of when this game might be updated ? :)

We aim to update it every few months, but we usually don't have any solid dates etc.

yes im here from olicja XD


"Fumes" is a blast (literally)! 😁


Hi, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it, hopefully it is useful to you ^^

-The concept of the game it's really original and has a really fun spin that I really love :D

-The gameplay mechanics are really good and well implemented with how the world of the game works, I liked the fact that you can make misions or just have fun trying different combinations with the car and exploding some cars around the map.

-Visually the game looks amazing, and the only thing that could be improved is the "world design" since it would be nice to have more props around the map to improve the ambientation while provising more "cover" options that could become part of the "gameplay mechanics" if used well.

-The controls are really solid, the performance it's quite good, and I haven't found many bugs, the only one I managed to saw  was that the trailer got stuck into the ground when I went further into the map.

In conclusion, the idea is great and I hope you keep working on it. Hopefully this is useful for the development :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


Thanks for playing and feedback, great video! Lots of improvements for environments are planned 😊


You are welcome :D,  I'm quite excited about those improvements ^^


As a fan of Carmageddon I have to say that you bring back my childhood. I really love this game and it is very cute that current version does not have game end. Looking forward for another updates guys!

Thank you! <3 It's quite early into the development, lots of updates ahead

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Sweet mother of god, this takes me back to playing Twisted Metal! This is NOT pre-alpha, this can easily be its own game right now. It was obnoxiously fun, and packed with action! I especially love the gimic where you roll but always land upright.

I got the first car that lets you add a second weapon on the front but it won't let the machine gun turn for some reason but the cannon works just fine.

AI is super fun and crazy as hell! 

Game is quick to pick up and has plenty of depth to it!

After you win a wave and get all the new goodies, I think it just just teleport you straight to the customization screen. Also the little victory video, while cool, I kinda wanna skip it after a few times. 

I'd also mess with your weapon info. It says the rotary machine gun does 63 damage and the cannon does 75 but the cannon one-shots almost everything so it does WAY more damage than that.

There's plenty of strategy to be had. My favorite one is to put the cannon on the front and drive backwards. EAT SCRAP!

Can't wait to see where this goes! One of my favorite games on this site!


Awww thank you! <3 Currently damage is displayed as damage points per second, so it is quite misleading - it will be changed in the next update for sure!

This game is really great, glad I stumbled across it. ->

That's nice video, glad you liked the game! <3



Ooops! 😁


Amazing game, I felt great Twisted Metal and Vigilante 8 vibes here. Can`t wait for the full game. Congrats!

Thanks, great video! <3

Wow! This is a cool game! I like it, wasteland, vehicles, weapons... Destruction! I like it!

But...there are still some situations...the planet's gravity is a little low, and the enemies sometimes crowd together.

Why can the boxcar only be equipped with three has a larger body and roof. The rear of the truck is not used. Perhaps these special BOSS bodies can carry some "heavy directional weapons" that cannot be turned, and have powerful AOE destructive power.

I found that the bosses except BAVARIUS are all monster trucks. They seem to be a bit monotonous. I think it is possible to have a powerful boss, such as a land cruiser, a fortress, or a huge gunship?

Thanks, feedback noted! Glad you enjoyed our little game <3

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I recommended this game to my circle of friends, and they were deeply attracted. This V8 and TM style work brought us back to our childhood! !

I found a setting bug, I hope you can fix it.

Many enemy AIs may be for avoidance, they are good at taking a snake-like route. This also leads to a bug, that is, if the player stops next to a certain obstacle, the enemy will spin around and become a live target. Sometimes, you can use specific terrain to "stuck" the bosses and make them spin around, it's hard for them to shoot at you, and you can beat them easily.

Personally hope that the following settings can be updated in the future, so that the game will be more interesting.

1. Car whistle: Yes, to relieve the boring toys while running in the wilderness...please!

2. I like the feeling of going hand in hand with several wastelands and shooting each other, but can there be a nitrogen system?

3. Neutral battles in the wilderness should have meaning.

4, mines! I want mines! This is one of what I call "powerful AOE destructive power"

Nice find! Will try to fix this goofy AI :D

1. Car whistle/horn - I agree it should be in the game! Lots of potential uses for it.

2. We have plans for special abilities/items that can be mounted (like parts) and used. One of them will be some kind of nitro boost. These will come a bit later in the development though.

3. Yeah, current free roam is like first, bare-bone implementation. We added it primarily to slow down pacing a bit between fights. Will be adding more meaning to it in the future updates.

4. Some AOE weapons are planned, we just need to work a bit more on what we currently have in the game first :D

Thanks for your reply, this stupid AI makes a powerful enemy useless, XD! I love this game, I've been playing it for two days! !

Finally, I personally talk about other problems in the game.

1. The snow area seems to be more difficult. If I don't use the circle bug, I often let the enemy chase and kill. I want to be able to balance it out. The three times I died in the game were in snow, XD.

2. Although the cannon in the game is very powerful, its use is not so important during RUN and shot, and it should be improved.

3, I want the player to have teammates (optional) The team can limit the number and ability with some value. I know the game isn't difficult, but just expect teammates to fight with...even, fight with human players. Just like when I was a child, playing TM together~

4. The problem of the gravity system in the game must be improved. Often some enemies fly out like juggling... They even fly into the sky!

5. I hope that after opening the lucky bag, the front of the car will not automatically turn to face the red smoke,

6. I would like to have an enemy approaching notification, because I can't always keep an eye on the radar, and sometimes I have to 360 degrees to find an enemy in a blind spot of my field of vision (I have no idea where he came from). Maybe it's more important for melee enemies, because there are times when I'm too busy shooting and get hit hard. Oh! Melee... This kind of accessories is estimated to be updated in the future, right?

Oh! By the way, the game's punishment seems to have to be a little bit more relaxed, if the player dies and loses the weapon, then the player has to have a way to replenish the weapon, because I don't want to drive a car with only a light machine gun against the enemy troops in trucks and RVs.

If the game is released in full, I will buy it, I love nostalgic games, such as alisa and other PSone quality works.



i just love the game
this is a load of Fun
really impressive

there are a lot of well executed elements
the physic on the suspension / the aiming system / the customization / the AI / the simple environments that dont get in the way

and also Fun plus the constant reward the players get :
New parts / new Bosses / lots of explosions / in game cinematics / lots of particles / enemies flying around

great experience

Support the devs

Aww thank you! <3


Oh wow this just went from a great game to something amazing. As I said in my last review the devs had a great base to start off with and now they have added more to it and tweaked the gameplay a fair bit, and all for the better. Very Good Stuff!

<3 <3 <3


Wooo new update


i'm so into this! the art is so gorgeous. I'm also making a vehicle combat game & I have so many thoughts. are you planning to rework the physics?


Thank you! Yes, vehicle physics definitely will be completely rewritten. I will keep eye on your project, looks cool!


Game is overall very solid and is a great foundation to start with since now from here you can add and refine things instead of having to introduce core mechanics. Of course things can be overhauled like maybe how cars handle but other then that the devs are free to go in whatever direction they would want. I think for the next update, which could be small (I don't know how hard it is to program things since I haven't done anything myself like that) but things like a pause menu, some basic settings doesn't have to be complex, like resoulutions, windowed mode, and some things to make it run better on older software like some bad pc's. Also something like a stats menu, which I would guess would be accessed from the pause menu or even a main menu. I personally like seeing how long I play a game (AKA how many hours I have wasted of my life) and seeing how many cars I have scrapped. I think this would all be great for a solid addition to what you have so that, from there more content could be added. Overall great stuff, keep up the great work devs! (This is Furro from the discord server btw)

is it 32 bit

For now 32 bit build is available on our Discord since it's not stable and not tested. Next update should be 32 bit.

i tested it pirx,it is stable


good game i would reccomend adding grenade launchers and the ability to blow your whole car up (do it by pressong shift+b

Thanks <3

for controller LB+A+Y


Game Overall is very interesting and u can spend all day long playing withoud getting tired,i can't wait for the next update and thanks to the devs for making a 32Win Bits version for me! i hope we can see more of this in the future


There will be more :)



Hello! Game was super fun, I played it some time ago and left a comment  I think 2 months ago! Still think its super fun, I finally uploaded a vid of myself playing this game, hope you dont mind me posting it here! If you can add multipler or just local co-op to this that would be so fun!

Great video, thanks!!

Aye thanks!


Good game, especially for an alpha. 

It would really be helpful if the input was independent of the keyboard layout. This forumpost seems to indicate Unity supports it.

The next biggest improvement would a way to save load outs. Right now you cant look at another body without having to redo your whole load out, which is annoying.


This game is really fun. My suggestions would be different weapon models for each weapon and destructible armour that can be installed on the cars and affect handling.


Good game, enjoyed it very well, with only one problem that would otherwise make this one of the best games on itchio : Why do you make us lose weapon when we dieeee..... It's such a bad mechanic that it makes me not want to play the game and just reset the save

Otherwise it's a good game, especially for my low-quality laptop of mine. :3


Not gonna lie, it was a tough choice to make it that way, but we will iterate on that mechanic for sure. Thank you for feedback! <3


No problemo! I can understand putting this system in through by playing it I realised that it can get to the point of the game being impossible to win as you lose all weapons. And having it stay through death would make one able to create all sort of powerful cars and such!

All and all, hope you have a wonderful day! :3


This was pretty fun and for it to be in alpha leave a massive amount mechanics and possibilities! Driving and firing wasn't to difficult, enemies were a bit challenging and boss fights!  Excited to see an updated version, great job!


Thanks for collecting all their debts! <3


it was a responsibility I was had to take lol


Loved the game, super cool and nice looking, the little soundtrack is also really good. :

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Мені дуже сподобалось.

Сподіваюсь у вас є ідеї для розвитку проєкта.

Щоб це все не залишилось просто покатушкамі.

Треба додати рівні міста.

на ті рівні що вже е треба додати дороги та придорожні будівлі.(було звісн весело ганяти по нескінченним рівням, але вони занадто пусті)

Треба додати просто арену з веселощами.

можна зробити рівень з потягом (булоб весело через нього стрибати).

Чекніть схожі старі ігри щодо сюжету. Наприклад Бандити або Интерстейт 76


Nice game


Really amazing idea. The game was fun to play and most likely will be playing this more. Interested to see how its going to be on full release.

Made some gameplay of it

Thank you, great video! <3

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