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Arm your vehicle with powerful weapons and roam the wastelands in this single-player, fast-paced car combat game! Chase your enemies with furious dedication and earn their parts through a trial of destruction! It's you or them, are you ready to face your destiny, passenger?


FUMES is currently in an early pre-alpha stage, so pretty much everything in the game might change. We are a small team of 3 and we are working on the game in our spare time. Join our Discord server to influence the shape of the game, get access to development updates and more!

JOIN: https://discord.gg/UFzhkNsQmY

Let us know what you think about the FUMES and consider rating the game!


Compete against waves of enemies in a fast-paced vehicular combat gameplay. Approach a variety of enemies with care or chase them to obliteration - you decide which way is the best one.

Try all of 10 available cars to check which one matches your play style. Customize and outfit your vehicle in a simple editor.

Conquer 11 bosses. Make them pay with scrap!

Scrap opponents with 8 types of weapons - shotguns, machine guns and rocket launchers. Unlock more powerful variants of weapons and suspensions by winning fights.

Get lost in three types of endless and foggy procedural environments.

Enjoy retro-stylized visuals that features soft-body deformation of cars, cinematic cutscenes, photo mode, stylized filters and more!

Listen to the original soundtrack created specifically for the game.


Please keep in mind that MacOS and Linux builds are experimental. We really wanted to let people on these platforms to try the game, but we don't have a good way of testing the game there, so expect unexpected :) If you encounter any issues let us know on the discord. Enjoy!


  • Driving: WSAD
  • Handbrake: Spacebar
  • Aiming: Mouse
  • Weapons usage: Mouse Buttons 1/2, Left Shift, Left Control
  • Camera zoom: Scroll Wheel
  • Gamepad controllers are partially supported



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dig this so much. the macos version works pretty good, but when there's a lot of smoke it really chugs along like a mfr


Thank you for letting us know since macOS version is experimental! <3

Vigilante 8 vibes mate! Awesome project

Thank you! It was one of our inspiration :D

Good job it was so good that i accidently played for a few hours

Thank you! I will call that a happy accident :D

Free Bird does really go with every thing

That's cool! :D

How did you get the crunchy pixel effect??

We did few things, but mostly:

  • Disabled filtering on textures (point/nearest filtering).
  • We used mostly low resolution textures with posterization or color indexing applied in GIMP/Photoshop.
  • Decreased game resolution with a post processing shader.
  • Dithering post processing shader with color posterization to limit palette.
  • Some pixelation shaders here and there.

awesome game! mucha nostalgia genial! 馃憤

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you!

would it be possible to put a Brazilian car? for example a Fiat uno 1996, or any Brazilian car before the 2000s?

Not sure, but it seems that this car is something that could fit in our vision of the game, so who knows :) On our discord server we have a channel dedicated to posting nice cars, so feel free to join it.


I didn't have any expectations, and I came across one of the most fun games I've played in recent times. He's practically perfect. Please add savegame and some story.

Thank you! Automatic game saving is in the game already, I hope it worked for you, if not let us know :)

Proper lore and story will be added - there are some minor glimpses of it in the game already.

looks awesome, but is there any chance there鈥檚 an option for an isometric view? For some reason I have an obsession with… well, basically isometric anything, but especially isometric car games! 
Gran Turismo? Shove it where the sun don鈥檛 shine, I鈥檒l take Super Woden over that crap any day of the week! 

Thanks! Isometric view would be cool, but it's highly unlikely since that would require changing an entire gameplay to suit it.

I can totally understand the obsession though and Super Woden GP is awesome!


f7 ?


the intended fumes experience(tm)

what f7 means?

its a key on your keyboard. on most keyboards its at the top labled 'f7', or you could press the 'fn' key and '7' at the same time to achieve the same result

AWESOME! The gameplay, aesthetics, music, just everything is made of win.  The driving, the shooting, the cars getting damage, the particle effects... Looking forward for later releases; would definitely plop down some cash for the full game.

Thank you! <3


i came across the game absolutely by accident. i liked the look and the gameplay right away. the different effects are great. it reminds me of the old crash-racers from the past . just great. thanks a lot :-)

Thanks for playing, glad you liked it :)

Bastante Divertido aun que senti que los otros vehiculos me hacian menos da帽o si me quedaba en un mismo lugar acelerando y retrocediendo. pero en general esta chido

Gracias :)


Very fun and super well optimized for my potato laptop. Would love to see engine upgrades/swaps in the future.


Thanks, we plan to add engine upgrades in the future. I'm glad it worked on your machine :)


Looks amazing!  


Oh and it IS amazing!  So much fun!!!


I'd just like to highlight that the music is perfect too.  It really completes the experience for me.


Thank you! Glad you liked the music since it's original, made specifically for the game :)


holy shit this is the best game i played on my mac i love the graphics fits well with the game i love the bosses and the intros and outros of a fight it has very good dialogue 10/10 (sorry for the bad language)


Thanks! Happy to hear it worked on your mac since our support for them is a bit experimental.

hyped for alpha 4, more than months on the making! will surely be worth once i finnaly place my hands on it hehe


Excellent game guys!



i keep dying :(

Don't worry, with each "death" your skills increase and eventually you will succeed. In addition, remember to check if Scrappers have some gears for you and if you need more tips, you can visit our Discord server (https://discord.gg/UFzhkNsQmY)

death is not forever, brother, the spirit of fumes will thrive on, and you shall take revenge on your fouls.


please keep this game free its so COOL

no >:)


Thanks! We plan to make it paid when it will be more completed, but we will try to always have a healthy demo available for free.

We would love to keep it free forever, but life isn't free sadly :)


Absolutely Fantastic! 

Glad you enjoyed!


Improve controller support on linux add some more sensitivity and controller options once it's finished make a demo and sell the game for $15usd keep it drm free once it's all fixed up 

I will buy it 

You really got something cool here like a successor to vigilante 8 

absolutely worth being a full complete game

Thank you! Currently we're working on next major update with lots of improvements and settings. You can check current progress on our Discord server (https://discord.gg/UFzhkNsQmY)


This game is awesome, even in its pre-alpha stage. Finding new components and using different part combinations is really fun and the combat is entertaining and satisfying. Looking forward to future developments / updates.

Thank you! If you are interested in the progress of the new update, we share it on our Discord server (https://discord.gg/UFzhkNsQmY)



I hope you added the stickers in the next update and add more lore,more cars,more weapons and more mechanics :).

Thanks! We are working on adding more to almost every part of the game in the next update - you can check the progress on our Discord server (https://discord.gg/UFzhkNsQmY)

Just asking when we have the ability to use stickers on our cars will we be able to use custom stickers.

It's planned for the next major update, we are working on it and sharing progress on our Discord server.


Great Game! A lot of action



alpha 4 i require


I'm not done with this game, and I love it. Please add more weapons and customzations options :D


Thank you! We are working on adding more stuff to pretty much every aspect of the game :)


Hello again !
Will you consider adding a co-op mode as well ? I'd love to play this with my sister, burning through hordes of mad foes bumping around the map.
Best regards.


Hi! We consider adding it in the future, but for now we want to focus our efforts on making single-player as best as we can :)


It makes total sense. And I'm happy you consider it ! This will be a BLAST.


Great Game!  The boss at the end looked very intimidating.


Thanks! Glad you made it to the end :)


maaaaaan this game is a diamond like THE BEEST GAME A EVER PLAYED bro like is tier god good. 

Game yeah it has some bugs stuff like that but what with it all cool games has bugs also hope you add new mechanics, new cars, new LORE like more lore.

and also is incredibly how the game.doesn't feel empty like the voicelines the cars when that are fighting others cars the ambient this just too good also just keep working on the game.

IS HELL OF A GOOD GAME BRO IS DAMN GOOD also don't work fast work at your time so the game doesnt end like cyberpunk just work at your time the final product will be awesome.


Thank you! We are adding stuff to pretty much every aspect of the game, so there will be more of everything :)


What has been achieved here is simply beyond amazing, you have an absolute killer of a concept for a game, the gameplay what already is in, plays like a dream, the car physics are a joy to play around with, it feels very satisfying driving over hills and other small bumps and such while seeing the suspensions properly react to it, all of this combined with the soft body deformation really adds up to something special. 

I can already tell a lot of people have loved the current status of the game and I can understand why, this is the best parts of vigilante 8 and twisted metal together, with splash of open world and some interstate 76 style of scrapping cars and getting their upgrades, although all of this plays well, I personally feel the infinite foggy map does detract a bit since nothing stops the player from just driving in one direction and just aiming and shooting, perhaps a big map with scattered ruined towns, refineries, factories, etc? 

Full on vehicle destruction with locational damage would be cool too, leaning even more into interstate 76 which would add extra strategy such as aiming for the tires to make someone unable to steer, or directly for the engine, and being able to see parts fall of a car. 

Also if there was one style that could be blended really well into this would be something like Elite, have a currency and trading system, sell scrap, buy parts, etc, it would go well with the over all open world feel of the game.

I understand it's still a very early version of the game, but honestly the foundation is so well made, I would be sad to not see this become an indie hit one day.  Keep up the amazing work!


Thank you for kind word and these suggestions!

Our idea behind infinite map was to make high speed, kind of endless chases possible and steer away a bit from the arena based games - a bit like Interstate '76. For now our environment is quite repetitive and barren but we will fill it with more stuff and some exploration mechanics, hopefully it will make experience better.

We are considering adding a local damage system, but designing balanced gameplay with such feature is quite challenging.  Also, our movement is quite fast and chaotic, so aiming for the specific parts might be problematic. We will explore this in the future though.

We actually steered away from adding an economy, because our idea is to make this game in quite simple form and arcade - just quickly equip parts and go into the desert, but who knows, maybe we will change our minds about it! :)

Thanks again! o7


This game was so much fun! I enjoyed every second of it! It reminds me of Twisted Metal except this has more of an open world feel to it. I'm excited to see what will become of this game in the future! Maybe some missions or side quests possibly? Great Job! 

Thank you for kind words and a video. We will add missions at some point :)


No problem! Thank you for your game!


This game is a masterpiece already, the art style is awesome and music adds a lot to the scenes. Since its in alpha.

However, there is a little lack of the feeling of progression (at least in the first hours) so if I could suggest something to correct it, id say that adding more movility stuff (parts of the vehicle that can allow vertical movement such as accelerators, spring  jumps) and more maps that allow to use these parts in a convinient way but not limited to specific part of the map. You should also be able to play in this maps no matter if you have some of this movement parts so that, when you get them, youll be excited to play in these maps again.

Also, some people may find some combinations that are very effective and they may see no reason to change their car parts so these maps really suggest to change the way you play.

Overall the game is extremely good, I love it

juasjuas#7909 on discord

Thank you for playing and the feedback :)

Haven't had a problem on Ubuntu Linux, which is nice. I love the idea of the fumes being sucked in and the dents popping out, or your fumes flying away to another car.
I want to drive the Bavarius body, haha.

Thanks! There will be more of this FUMES stuff in the future, we are going to expand the lore behind it :)

Cool! Just don't explain too much, you know. ;)


Played this in its entirety and loved every second of it

Thank you! <3

One of my most favorite games I've discovered on itch. Such a badass game, very reminiscent of something akin to Twisted Metal, but more leaning towards FUEL (imo).

Thank you! FUEL is a gem, glad it remind you of that title :)

Fantastic! It's quite addictive, the control is very good and the music is very cool. I hope a full version can come out, I had a great time playing it. Good Game! 馃憤馃幃
Gameplay Here

Thanks :)

So cool!


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