A downloadable mayhem for Windows, macOS, and Linux

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FUMES is a single-player game inspired by the golden era of vehicular combat genre. Straight-forward, fast paced, intense gameplay. Get into the car, slap some weapons on and cruise twisted wastes.

No bullscrap. Just you, your car and pure fun. Like in the old days!


  • Drive customizable cars. Equip them with weapons.
  • Experience driving physics inspired by old rally games.
  • Encounter waves of enemies. Get involved in the chase of destruction.

  • Customize your car. Choose loadout to fit your combat style. Slap some stickers on.
  • Earn new cars and parts by beating bosses.
  • No loading screens. No fast travel. Just use your car.

  • Slow down after the fight, go for a ride and inhale the FUMES.
  • Get lost in the desert. Wander endless, procedural environments.
  • Listen to the original, guitar-heavy soundtrack.

Please wishlist FUMES on Steam if you're into this scrap. This way you support the development in the best possible way - it helps more people discover this game that is being made by a small team of 4 people.

Roam the wastes, collect scrap, burn your way through the challenge and rise as the mayhem walker...

...or simply join our discord server to hang out with us and other travelers like you. Get involved in the creation of this twisted world!

Linux and macOS support

Please keep in mind that MacOS and Linux support is experimental. We really wanted to let people try the game on these platforms, but we don't have a good way of testing the game on these systems, so expect the unexpected! If you encounter any issues let us know on our discord.

Links and press-kit


Is this a demo now?

We changed the name of files to demo because we released it on the Steam as a demo as well, but it has all feature currently developed for the game. It's more like a pre-pre-alpha... just play it :)


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

FUMES v0.05 demo Windows 195 MB
FUMES v0.05 demo Linux 200 MB
FUMES v0.05 demo macOS 204 MB

Development log


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Finished last boss at 5 hours mark and I had a lot of fun while I did it. I dig the art style and gameplay is a lot of fun, so I'm totally waiting for future releases! The only complaint that I really have is that the gameplay loop can get repetitive thorough playtime, so some sort of variation would be really nice to see.

When will it be normal ( Fumes ) with more new maps and new weapons and Cars

Игра очень классная, большое спасибо, успехов тебе! Надеюсь что такие таланты будут появляться чаще и их (в том числе и тебя) будут замечать. Такой труд достоин большего


awesome game dude


I played v0.05! I was able to play for a full 7 hours and had so much fun!

I love the idea of pushing with durability and firepower in a car with lots of turrets! Firepower is justice, meow!

I also liked the fact that you can design your car's paint job in a very detailed way.

I'm cheering for the completion of the game!

Hey :) Just started the game a noticed that the menu is not made for 32:9 screens: https://imgur.com/14j0DEq


Hey! Thanks for the report! We haven't done widescreen support yet, but it's on our to-do list.

doesn't open in MacBook Air M2 :((

Hey, could you provide us with some more info? Is there any error message?

Hello there, thanks for answering. When I try to open the game the MacOs system show me this notification:

“FUMES” is damaged and cannot be opened. You should move it to the trash.

I can't even do anything :/

Ah, seems like you just need to disable Gatekeeper. You can follow this guide - https://disable-gatekeeper.github.io
Let me know if it helped.


Absolutely love the amount of chaos and destruction! Also the freedom to get creative with the vehicles is awesome


Awesome bro! straight to gameplay, fun, big boy scared me lol



Deleted post

lezz goooo, new update!


Just finished the demo!

I absolutely love the feel of this game. It’s very light, my toaster could run it comfortably. I enjoyed every minute of it, and hope to see more in the future.

Another thing I like about the game is that it’s light in gameplay. It doesn’t stress you out, but still keeps everything active and dynamic. The environment is always up to something, the biome changes, the weather changes, rival gangs in constant dogfights, everything about the demo is very well presented.

(The car physics are phenomenal how did you make it?)



this is the best game I ever played i hope you make other car games like this I rely hope you get rewarded by steam and itch.io this is the best game ever


This game runs smoothly on low-end PC (even on those whose has GPU on DirectX 9 support only), and gameplay is sick engaging)
+ it has many settings for graphics and accesibility! If you have problems with regular shakes when taking damage from cars, you can reduce it in Accesibility settings.
I wish you good luck finishing this game, tarkovski! It is really worth it)


please drop a soundtrack this game goes too hard in every single category for me to not want a soundtrack


yes love the new updat


If this demo works fine on linux, where is the linux version on steam?


One of the best PC games of its kind I've ever played.


I played this over a year ago and it was good then. Now, with the update, its SO good! I had fun every second playing this! Can't wait for the full game to release! Already wish listed!


very good update 


The Demo works great on Linux. Man i wish this had multiplayer! Awesome game though.

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Was "Hard Truck Apocalypse" (a game) one of your inspirations? It is one of my favorite game of childhood. 


solid demo! keep it up I love good car combat

Full Demo NO Commentary


I'm so glad you're making progress and haven't quit the game.


Updates for playing on STEAM, but to prevent negative effects, I still want to post them here. Thanks to the author for constantly updating the game, adding a propulsion system, new weapons, new parts, and new BOSS, as well as adding storylines.

1. The melee weapon setting in the game is currently very useless. There is only a chainsaw in the front. I hope there is an "edge-blade" side weapon to create a "horse battle" attack method for the enemy. This weapon can be extended for a short period of time, causing large damage and then rebounding. Maybe, what do you think about extendable drills and chainsaws?

2. I think it would be fun to spray the enemy with a flamethrower or acid jet installed on the side of the car and then watch the enemy die slowly. Perhaps electromagnetic weapons can be added to confuse the opponent's controllers and weapon systems, such as reversing operations.

3. I hope to add a chip system, equipment system, whatever you want to call it. The vehicle can be equipped with some chips to adjust its performance, such as increasing weapon stability, vehicle body stability, increasing propulsion time, and even getting immunity to acid, fire and electromagnetic, or slow life recovery and increased defense. Of course, this may also bring To subtract and multiply.

4. I haven't gotten the weapons such as mines yet, I don't know if you added it. But now it seems that it is a little difficult for mines to hit the opponent... Maybe induced mines will be better.

5. I want to be able to create "support vehicles", which are 1VSALL every time. Players can DIY their own support vehicles, and they can be resurrected in the next level after being killed. Several AI commands can be added to them to allow players to help them in battle. As you know, some "car bodies" and "weapons" will be discarded by players in the later stage. These car bodies can be used to DIY their own support vehicles.

6. PVP and PVE online, YESsssssssssssss! I've been waiting for this, hoping for Brawl Arena.

6. I want more original BOSS, such as a super heavy helicopter, a huge wasteland tank that can crush your steamroller, a land cruiser, a slow fearless fortress, or even some kind of terrifying alien machine or evil god ( All we need is to destroy them anyway.) These monsters don't even need to appear in the main plot. I like to attack monsters that are far larger than us.

7. I found that although the weapons are better, the previous secondary weapons were abandoned. Can a weapon synthesis or equipment synthesis setting be added? Keep weapons upgraded or improved to avoid hoarding. As for the body, please see item 5.

8. I don’t know what else I want to say... All I can do is recommend the game to friends from STEAM and other aspects.

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I played it some time ago and I will play it again, this game is wonderful, it gave me hours of very enjoyable gameplay, it would be heartwarming to see it grow and be updated <3


I like being a chaotic neutral car ghost.


I love this game! I first downloaded it to test a gamepad that I recently bought. Can't wait for the next update!


came looking for fun and struck gold


ok but wheres the pico8 version???


what game did i find, why is this so well made? i thought i'd find a game like this on steam or surfing youtube, but i just randomly stumbled across this on itch.io





when will you post the music in the game and the one from the trailer as well?


wonder if the TM4 devs know about this some of them have been wanting to get back into making TM inspired games and are you the guy who made Primal lol?


great game

thanks :)


Hey pal, great game! I love it!

Is missing an option for change mouse sensibility ^^

Thank you! :) We've already implemented mouse sensitivity (along with other settings) for upcoming update - you can check what's coming on our discord server (https://discord.gg/UFzhkNsQmY) :)


It's a very challenging but also very fun and unique game.

Some of the later encounters can drag on for a bit due to the high wave count and it can be crushing to get partway through and then lose your rank 2 weapons and unique tire sets.

Late demo foes tend to withstand a huge amount of punishment unless you equip a rocket launcher and put up with the subpar accuracy at anything besides point-blank range, and it's practically necessary because you need to take down individual cars as quickly as possible to reduce the number of guns firing on your car at the same time.


actually i have bitten like 9 bosses, my new car

i will end game soon

4 th. boss to hard for me even with cannons on whole car, he just come close to me and kill me in 2 seconds


i love the retro theme graphics and the game runs like a dream on a low end pc (AMD RADEON 3, 4gb ram, HP). Very addicting keep up the good work

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