OPEN WORLD and over 100 changes to FUMES!

We are a small team of 3 people and over the last 100 days we were working on FUMES in our spare time. Here is the changelog of this update. Enjoy and let us know what you think!


We have changed the whole flow of the game - now it's based on the free roam mode and markers and it’s featuring a more sophisticated progression system.

  • Added intro sequence with some objectives and dialogues.
  • Game is now structured around the free roam mode.
  • Added a better progression and loot system.
  • Added cutscenes to some in-game events.
  • Adjusted and added various dialogues.
  • Added loot showcase sequence after the run.
  • Added some references to game lore here and there.


  • Free roam mode added - available in between runs, let you access the car editor and explore wastelands.
  • Ability to coast freely around the procedural, infinite open world.
  • Added procedural convoys roaming around, sometimes fighting or cruising on the roads.
  • Added scrapper truck that drives around freely and lets the player access the car editor.


This update has gone through a proper pass of gameplay - the game now is more challenging than ever.

  • Added player health bar and tweaked boss health bar.
  • Added car icon to radar to help with the navigation.
  • Redone parts bonuses system to be more usable and clear.
  • Rework of enemy waves evolution system.
  • Rework of the difficulty - game got harder.
  • Rebalance of enemies, bosses, waves, parts and weapons.
  • Adjusted amount of hardpoints on some cars.
  • Increased weapons vertical gimbal angle by 20 degrees.
  • Acquired car bodies cannot be lost now.
  • Tweaked loot dropping logic.
  • Added ability for AI to lead shots when aiming.
  • Improved new car draw after the player's defeat.
  • Tweaked bounciness of the cars and wrecks.
  • Tweaked dimensions and stiffness for some suspensions.
  • Improved suspension physics - cars are more wobbly.
  • Tweaked physics to allow higher jumps from ramps.
  • AI drivers are now following the player more smoothly.
  • Added boss shouts during boss fights.
  • Made enemy waves spawn closer.
  • Increased scrappers truck health to infinity.
  • Reworked last boss geometry.
  • Added ability to obliterate rocks and some buildings by giant bosses.


We worked on making environments more interesting and responsive to the player.

  • Added procedural industrial buildings to desert biome.
  • Added ruins to lush and winter biomes.
  • Added exploding barrels.
  • Added some destructible junk props scattered around the world.
  • Added destructible sheds.
  • Tweaked procedural terrain shapes for all biomes.
  • Added small terrain bumps.
  • Added buried car wrecks.


  • New wheel models.
  • Added a soft body deformation system for cars.
  • Added car collision visual and sound effects.
  • Added smoke, fire and desaturation effects to visualize the state of the car.
  • Redone the car paint shader - it's as shiny as it is rusty now.
  • Explosions VFX tweaks - added more debris and a shockwave.
  • Added new sound effects for most of the weapons.
  • Added simple tire deformation visuals.
  • Adjusted sound effects and music volume.
  • Added 2 new gameplay music tracks and some music for cutscenes.
  • Added bullet hit effect to ground and some props.
  • Added a new stand model for side-mounted weapons.
  • Tweaked decals on enemies.
  • Reworked camera shake.
  • Adjusted speech bubble colors.
  • Tweaked dialogue panel colors.
  • Added a new CRT post-processing shader and adjusted some other effects.
  • Improved vehicle editor marker shader.
  • New splash screen.


  • Changed car editor appearance, lighting etc.
  • Reworked editor camera.
  • Added weapons colors to icons of different weapons tiers.
  • Added visual and sound effects.
  • Moved empty (none) weapon option to the end of the list.
  • Reordered categories and added descriptions to them.
  • Added descriptions to all items.
  •  Added stats/parameters and bonuses display to all parts.
  • Changed names of some of the weapons to be more readable.
  • Changed weapon tiers names for better readability.
  • Reordered all colors and items.
  • Added empty tiles with missing items.


We finally added a menu that is available under the ESC key.

  • Features quick access to photo-mode.
  • Ability to choose the post processing effect (“look filter”).
  • Ability to delete the save games.
  • VSync toggle.
  • Options to turn off music and/or sound effects.
  • Link to Discord server.


  • Added throttle and triggers locking option.
  • Added an option to reduce or disable screen-shake.
  • 32 bit (x86) support enabled.
  • Photo-mode controls improvements.
  • Added temporary color coding for weapons models.
  • Added two more weapon controls options (Left Shift and Left Control).
  • Added option to zoom out the camera using a scroll wheel.
  • Added screenshots folder for easier access to captured screenshots.


We've fixed some stuff, and broken some more ;)

  • Fixed photo-mode breaking the cutscenes.
  • Fixed wrong ramps orientations.
  • Weapons are no longer disappearing when changing the body.
  • Fixed game not pausing when window focus is lost.
  • Fixed weapons sound overlapping when shot at the same time.
  • Fixed window shader seams.
  • Hit indicator is no longer appearing in the cutscenes.
  • Fixed boss durability bar visible in the photo-mode.
  • Fixed some of the faulty bullet collision logic.
  • Fixed weapons not aiming when deploying.
  • Adjusted wrong gravity force.
  • Disabled muddy reverb sound effect.
  • Fixed janky wrecks movement.
  • Current biome is now saved in the save game.
  • Fixed wrong terrain hashing function resulting in duplicated chunks.
  • Fixed small explosions being too audible from a large distance.
  • Tweaked player damage sound effect.
  • Fixed props terrain blending lighting.


We've optimized some parts of the game to allow more stuff to be added and make it run better on low-end machines.

  • Added time-slicing to terrain, props and decals generation.
  • Added object pooling to various in-game objects.
  • Adjusted props density (mainly grass).
  • Adjusted assets compression.
  • Removed plenty of memory allocations.
  • Tweaked garbage collection.
  • Added audio distance culling.
  • Optimized AI obstacles avoidance by using simplified occlusion colliders.
  • Optimized bullet-terrain collision detection by using only one raycast per shot.


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Jan 22, 2022


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Yoo do you have any launch date or something? i'd love to play it! it looks very good

Ups! i found how to download it , nevermind

Have fun, cheers!



Looks cool.

I like it.

Thanks! <3