We present to you PICOHOT, an 8-bit homage to the original SUPERHOT game created by three members of the SUPERHOT Team.

The whole idea had been conceived out of a marketing concept of fitting a whole game on a floppy disk. Then, someone had superb thought to use PICO-8 for that. Retro feel and ease of use that came with this tool took us right away while technological constraints made it an intriguing design challenge.

Thanks to the PICO-8 community and zep for creating such an amazing tool. You guys made working on PICOHOT a blast!

- SUPERHOT’s “time moves only when you move” mechanic. 
- The Basic SUPERHOT three-color palette for clarity. 
- It’s 3D! 
- A few story levels and an endless mode.

Also, visit us at https://superhotgame.com/ to learn more about SUPERHOT!

Piotr Kulla - https://twitter.com/piotrkulla
Wojciech Dziedzic - https://twitter.com/WojtekDziedzic
Mariusz Tarkowski - https://twitter.com/m_tarkovsky


PICOHOT-windows.zip 965 kB
PICOHOT-linux.zip 537 kB
PICOHOT-raspi.zip 751 kB
PICOHOT-mac.zip 3 MB
picohot.p8.png 39 kB


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This is an incredible achievement.  You've not only recreated superhot in Pico-8 in the technical sense (nice job on the camera pan when you die), you've also found a way to make gameplay fun despite the gameplay limitations imposed by the platform.

I wouldn't paly a full-length version of this, but this feels like what you would really be playing if Superhot was on DOS.

amazing! well done, captured the feel of both gameplay and aesthetic feeling.

well thats alot of KB


Great job, a bit short but surprising nonetheless

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is this superhot but in pixel version?




Amazing,good job!

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I managed 44 on endless :) nice game.

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now 47

Can I play this on a raspi with ubuntu?

I don't know how to start.


I can try to help you.
add me on discord

zajebista gierka pozdrawiam

So cool! I love superhot and I love pico-8. Thanks for doing this.


I really enjoyed this game (and the original version, SUPERHOT) :)


like it but its really hard


It's the most innovative shooter I've played in years.




wow this is amazing. great job working with what controls you can implement!

Well done!


It's weird that I can't turn

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this is insane because it feels EXACTLY like the original game. very nicely done



quite succinctly and accurately

just so you know, occasionally stuff like the bottles on the ground appear in front of the enemies

Very interesting game, although you can't direct your vision, you can move yourself to aim at the ppl. Very interesting way to go about it. It's very interesting and I find myself excited everytime I complete a stage. Although very short, it's very interesting and I hope this can get fully fleshed into a full game. Play it if you haven'.

Did you make this in unity? If so how did you achieve the pixelation effect on the graphics, while still keeping it 3d?

No,they made it using the game engine PICO8 which used this kind of pixelated graphics

Oh I thought pico8 was a joke that they made up! Thanks for the reply.



Very fun and interestig concept of game! Thanks

Great game more levels and an update please

Please post this on Play Store :(

wow, that was fun. I'd love to see an update or some more levels. Amazing!

Epic game. Really like it. Good to just spend a few minutes on when ur bored.


si lo descargas para linux puede darte un error que es que nunca te va aparecer la opcion asi que te conviene jugar en el navegador


dis game gud





I got fifteen on the endless and was really proud of myself

That was very nice

That is a piece of art

Not gonna lie, I'm pretty hot and bothered right now.


wait you from poland?

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