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This was a lot of fun!


its super hot

i cant read what it says on how to get off the controls scree


What a beautiful homage... on PicOS at that! I genuinely felt your love for the game come through this one. As a die-hard fan of SuperHot myself... I couldn't help but wanna play the original myself after completing this. 

Thanks for the fun play! 


i dont play it because is so much hard


Anomalox, its pico8, not picOS ( im not trying to be rude)



I don't much care, but the clarification is cool I guess. 






sooooo good

This is insane!



 nice to see people still playing PICO-8, welcome.

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PICOHOT Is a fundamental recreation of Super hot in 8-bit I really enjoyed it but the campaign is a little short, 

endless mode is quite a challenge.

I recommend you get a controller. 


One, the campaign is a little short,

Two, you can't look left and right,

Three, The enemy can shoot a full 360 but you can't 

 Four, there no ammo counter kind of annoying but if you remember much each gun had then no problem

five, two type of weapon A pistol and a Shotgun 

but Hey it is a free game and made by 3 people from the Super hot team overall a great game.

And hey i'm a nostalgic gamer.


problably super hot for slow pc


i need WASD controls cuz my arrow keys are messed up

prefect demake

This is awesome... I love the superhot game and the new mind control delete. This was a great 8 bit recreation. felt like an 80s arcade version.


Beautiful, feels like I travelled back in time!


i loved superhot and i love this game too

this game is awesome

truly amazing

Fantastic game! Couldn't stop playing for an hour! Amazing recreation!


Do not install the game has a trojan virus.

Deleted post

he's lying


It dosn't realy put like "a trojan", but it has something

so cool, love it!

wow, as someone who loved superhot, this was amazing!

absolutely love the artstyle, controls are fun and interesting, sound effects are awesome, its just so good!

Esta genial el tributo <3 y gracias por el port linux 

I beat the record

Me 2

That's incredible guys ! And really fun to play, like the gameplay is actually solid

I was not really expecting much, but I thought it was really good!


Good game, but the controls are not good, i wish it was easier to remap the controls without completely changing my keyboard layout.


Made a video


now this is epic

jogo pika

Really Great Game! Although it is a bit over pixelated so the controls are a bit hard to read and get the hang of, but other than that the game is great!

This is a really cool game!


this is actually amazing


Kinda Cool actually Recomend it 

should be a pico-8 gamejam or if there is please send me link 

Extremely creative and I love the use of 2d pixel art in a 3d scene.


hot (super)

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I can't understate how impressive this is! Great job remaking all the systems and general gameplay in Pico 8, I'm almost in disbelief how well this looks & plays, it's an absurdly polished demake that is shockingly true to the original gameplay & mechanics in many more ways than I'd anticipated!

I'll definitely have to sit down to look at the code closely when I have the time, since I'm super curious how little/much this pushes Pico 8 in terms of limitations.

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very cool recreation

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