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I'll never get bored playing this game. 


i download this game


Wow... can you plz put more levels?

Ths is an incredible game

Yea i agreed

AHEM... superhot


real cool game :

WHO THE CRAP USES sdef!?!?!?!?


pico 8 apparently, threw me off on the pico8 version of doom

It wasnt even wasd :(



can you add wasd controls

This is PICo-8 so you don't have WASD control

what about POOM?



Oh yeah just played it


very cool 

i was like wtf i have downloaded

realstic copy of superhot 

i'll only download if it is endless

it's not


I never thought Pico 8 could do semi 3d 

check out POOM (pico 8 doom)

Words can't describe how impressed I am :)

Awesome game!

nice game

A simple yet great game.

i definitely agree

Where will the replays be save at?


very enjoyable to play


when your computer cant run SUPERHO


realistic to the max 20000%

The game is short but it was made a perfect.

solid and realistic gameplay, absolutely love it


2 short



really cool game before going to bed ^^


It's the most innovative shooter I've played in years!

first review i ever make for a game in itch this is a true masterpiece

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I included your game in my video - 9:56

mega hot


Super Hot is one of my avourite game of all times...and this 8 bit version is just magnificent 🙌


How do I play the game?

you need to play with a play station contolle

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No, you can play useing arrow keys, Z and X!


Oh. It also works with a ps4 controller



Would love to see more levels.

god this is sick!!

liked More than the original

Fun but short game, that's why the endless mode is very appreciated. 


why only download here but web on the pico8 website?

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This game is fucking amazing but... its too short


Would really love an update where you can build your own level. Just this one thing, and this game becomes a 10/10


i can barely see whats happening. its just colors and pixels.


Thats the fun :)

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