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10/10 would recommend it!!!

It is really good! The camera movement when you die is *chef's kiss* and it is too fun to play, also it is 3D wth! Really good, kudos to everyone who worked on this!

Nice little game! It's a lot of fun to blast through occasionally.

Cute little game

Sa’ll good, man.

great game, I'm crying rn trying to beat the 20 record on endless mode who tf set this record and fucking how.

Amazing game 8,5/10

Good Game but hard to play with Keyboard

Super fun! I have some ideas for levels, would love to work on this!



Really exciting concept and fun game! Enjoyed it :)

how start game


Good Game but way too short

OMG this is amazing

for a copy, this is an amazing game


can you save


Oh man this was so cool. I didn't know pico-8 was capable of this

wtf is o x

Z and X


Can we get an html download? I would looove this and absolutely play it everywhere. Also some of my friend have a chromebook so they need an html download. Thanks!

i own one too


fun, very fun

why is it saying its a virus?

your firewall is blocking it so find the file that its saying is a virus


why i cant move the camera


pico-8 doesnt have enough buttons to do that, plus you dont need to turn to beat the game its very short



the game is made to not move the camera

Amazing game!

i love this gam


This is an incredible achievement.  You've not only recreated superhot in Pico-8 in the technical sense (nice job on the camera pan when you die), you've also found a way to make gameplay fun despite the gameplay limitations imposed by the platform.

I wouldn't paly a full-length version of this, but this feels like what you would really be playing if Superhot was on DOS.

amazing! well done, captured the feel of both gameplay and aesthetic feeling.

well thats alot of KB


Great job, a bit short but surprising nonetheless

(1 edit) (+2)(-2)

is this superhot but in pixel version?



well no but actually yes


Amazing,good job!

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I managed 44 on endless :) nice game.

(1 edit) (+1)

now 47

Can I play this on a raspi with ubuntu?

I don't know how to start.


I can try to help you.
add me on discord

zajebista gierka pozdrawiam

So cool! I love superhot and I love pico-8. Thanks for doing this.


I really enjoyed this game (and the original version, SUPERHOT) :)


like it but its really hard


It's the most innovative shooter I've played in years.




wow this is amazing. great job working with what controls you can implement!

Well done!

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